glow coil

glow coil
filament in a glow plug

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • coil — [1] Metal bands or strands of wire wrapped in a circular fashion. [2] A pulse type transformer for increasing the voltage to fire the spark plugs. Also see booster coil close coils exciter coil field coil four spark ignition coil glow coil high… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • glow plug — An electrical element located in the combustion chamber of a diesel engine which helps to heat up the air in the chamber so that the diesel fuel will be ignited more quickly. Often they are connected in series so that when one becomes defective… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Glow plug (model engine) — For the glow plugs used in automotive diesel engines, see Glowplug A glow plug (alternatively spelled glowplug or glow plug) is a device, similar to a spark plug, used to ignite the fuel in the very small internal combustion engines typically… …   Wikipedia

  • glow — to burn without a flame. Also see flame glow plug open coil glow plug open element glow plug pencil type glow plug …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • coil glow plug — See open coil glow plug …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • sheathed-type glow plug — A single pole glow plug having a tubular heating element with a heating coil or a heating and regulator coil enclosed in a thermally conductive insulator ceramic. Also see self regulating sheathed type glow plug …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • self-regulating sheathed-type glow plug — Originally a sheathed type glow plugs with a self regulating heating coil, now with a heating and regulating coil …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • open coil glow plug — See wire glow plug …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • spiral-type glow plug — A glow plug having an exposed coil with a high number of turns …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • plug — A removable cork or stopper which fills a hole. See blanking plug coil glow plug cold plug core hole plug core plugs drain plug drain plug key drain plug spanner drain plug wrench …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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